Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 1 MTC

Hello everyone! Sorry you didn't get mail from me yesterday, but my preparation day is on Tuesdays, so you can expect an email from me around this time every week :)
The first week has been amazing! After entering the MTC, I got my nametags, and we dove right into learning the Korean language. As of today, I can hold simple conversations with other Elders and Sisters and pray in the language, but every day we learn a little bit more a little bit faster. Our teacher's name is Sister Judd from the Sandy, UT area, and she has been great at patiently teaching us to memorize words, phrases, and grammar. So far, we have heard from President and Sister Daines, the Provo Temple President and Matron. I had heard them before at BYU this last winter, but they were still great to listen to. Also on the first day, we had the opportunity to teach some 'investigators' in a simulated teaching experience. It was amazing to feel the prescence of the Spirit there, because we knew just what to say and when to say it. In our second round of investigators, I convinced a woman of no religious background that we were teaching the truth, even if she didn't believe it. Scriptures were being given left and right, and all of them were exactly what the investigators needed to hear. We also have been teaching almost on a daily basis an investigator named Brother No. He only speaks Korean, he is Buddhist, but he is very open and interested to hear our message. He has taken well to the lessons we have taught him, and he has taken some simple commitments that we have extended to him.
     My zone is composed of 3 districts. In my district, there are 6 Elders and 2 Sisters. I am the only not-full-Caucasian, the only one not going to Daejung, and the only convert in the district. In my district, these are the names of the other missionaries: Elder Orr (Orem,UT), Elder Bricco (San Diego, CA) Sister Henrie (Orem, UT), Sister Knapp (Preston, ID), my companion Elder Esplin (Saipan), Elder Jarnigan (Allen, TX), and Elder Weller (Park City, UT). Don't be fooled by my companion's hometown, sometimes I wouldn't be surprised if he said he was from Utah ;). It's ok, I've been using our time as a companionship (11 weeks) as an opportunity to build patience, planning, communication, and as a teaching experience. Our district leader is Elder Weller, who is responsible for following up with us about our goals, and he collects and gives us our mail. Our zone leaders are Elder Sanderson and Elder Ashworth, both of whom are in another district. I got to play the piano for Sacrament meeting on Sunday, and all I can say is that I need to practice BEFORE the meeting if I do it again.
     I think it's impossible not to gain some weight in this place. Even if you eat healthy food and don't eat a lot, we only get to exersice 5 days a week, and it's only for 1 hour at a time. The food's not bad, but its not the best either, so if any of you want to send anything non-perishable in the mail, I would love you even more for forever :)
     I also only have 30 minutes to read AND write emails, and I can only mail family, so it would be great if  you (Mom and Dad), could send this to my gmail , and to whoever else wants to read it :) I will be sending out handwritten letters later today, and hopefully I'll be sending pictures in the next week or two, so be looking for those.
     As far as if I need  anything, just the tie that I accidentaly left behind, the razors, Phyto Organics, and more family pictures and the family calendar would be great. I love you all, thank you for all of your support, and I'll be mailing you all again this time next week!
With Love,
Elder Honda

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