Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Going on Week 3

Hello everyone!
Just a quick reminder: I have 1 day a week for emailing, which includes 30 minutes to both read and write mails only to direct family. It would be easier to just write as much as I can in an e-mail, and then handwrite responses to those who have mailed me earlier in the week.
(just to preface the next part-I (Stephanie/Mom) sent him a list of questions to answer thinking he would just to just that to my list but he remade the list, but you can figure out the question pretty easily ;)    

Favorite class: We just have classtime, where we learn both gospel and language principles, usually both at the same time.
Favorite food: Not much, its not terrible, but not much of it is worth eating other than just to keep ourselves alive. We just walk by a line and pick up a pre-portioned plate and go eat, and we can go as many times to whichever of the 3-4 lines we want.
I like the shower shoes, and I use them.
I love Dear Elder and hand written, but Dear Elder is free and gets here the next day.
We have gym time 5 times a week, for about 50 minutes at a time.
I go to the temple on Tuesday afternoon, but I strictly cannot under any circumstances meet with any friends, family, or acquaintances for any reason.
I dont wear suits every day, only on tuesday and sunday, and i won't need another suit :)
I have dry cleaning here, and it's really cheap.
Ring around the collar is not a problem.
I don't get mail on sunday's, just like regular post offices. Dear Elder also comes through the post office here.
I didn't see the eclipse.
I can't receive or send picture or message attatchments, or instant message on email, partially by computer capability and partially because its against the rules.
I dont think i can print, just regular mail or dear elder.
My companion is fine, he is definitely a blessing to me to learn patience. He trys hard to learn the language, but just like the rest of us, he has a lot of growing to do. He reminds me of Chris and Brian Wells, minus their well-put humor and social skills. Nevertheless, I love him for being my senior companion.
Congrats to Alex graduating! And to Jennelle going to 5th grade!

Mom+Dad: With 3 minutes left to type, I love all of you. Thank you for preparing me for this time that I have had so far; its been tough, but I've been fighting tooth and nail to survive and come out on top. My teachers and fellow missionaries love hearing about my brother, sister, parents, and grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins/etc. Please feel free to either mail or Dear Elder if you want it to get to me faster, and I will write you back on Tuesday next week. I will also be sending out a letter to Rescue today for all 4 of you. Thanks for keeping up with Molly and for forwarding the e-mails. Keep doing what you're all doing, and please feel free to write me emails anytime. I can only handwrite on tuesday's as well. Please use Dear Elder if you'd like more time for me to respond so I can see it before my 30 minute starts. Time's up, love you all!
With Love, Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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