Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 5: Half way done at the MTC!!

Hi Family!
I'm halfway done at the MTC! The older districts left early yesterday morning, which now makes us the older districts. Not much here is different, same schedule every day, with a lot of studying every day. They will be missed greatly; especially the native Koreans. They are all super fun, and about half of them are going to Pusan also! One of them, (Elder Lee, pronounced EE) studies Japanese in his university, so we would speak in both Japanese and Korean. Our fireside on Sunday night was Sheri Dew from Deseret Books, and her words were very uplifting. I love the work here, even if it is the same schedule daily. It's so cool to read through the Book of Mormon again, and find so many pieces of wisdom and true principles that I've never heard of or noticed before. Our Branch Presidency (Bishopric) is super cool too. President Shin is a convert, and has lived in Korea, Utah, and somewhere in Europe. He's worked for Intel for many years as a consultant and designer. Brother Yost has served as a mission president in the Czech Rep., and always has a bright smiling face on for us. Brother Menlove gives great hugs, and reminds me of a big teddy bear. Their wives are great, and take good care of us whenever they are around. You will be receiving in the mail at least 2 pages either on Thurs or Fri, I promise :) I would love a hand-written letter, its much more fun to see that you have a letter, and it would be easier to answer questions if I have time to look at them before hand. Oh, and next week the new mission presidents come in (I will not be changing mission presidents during my service). That means...lots of Apostles next week! We have a special fireside on Sunday just for the missionaries, which is supposed to include at least 1-2 Apostles from the Quorum of the Twelve! I'll let you know next week who came and what they said! How is everything at home? Work and Band and gymnastics all going okay? How's Roamey? Alex and Jennelle still doing piano? The language is coming along great; I don't have to use notes anymore when I teach lessons, and I can have short, simple conversations in Korean with the natives before they left. On Sunday they will be swithching companionship roles, so I will be the senior companion starting then. I will be District Leader for about 2 more weeks, and today we will be doing about half of the family names for endowments. Anyways, time's up, look for my letter in a few days!
Elder Christopher Honda

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