Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 6

Preface: he mostly just answered my questions from a previous email from Mom......
He sent pictures but I am having trouble getting them on here, so stay tuned, I will remain vigilant in finding a solution so you can see them!

Hi Mom :)
Sorry this email is a little shorter, but you will be getting a handwritten in a few days :) Glad you got the card :]  I'm still doing fine on snacks, but if you see anything interesting that you'd like to send, I'll make sure it gets eaten :)
 The tie would be good too :] I will try to get more pictures of me, its just harder to take pictures because of the schedule. Glad that you enjoyed the pictures. Good to hear that the Mandarins are still going, hopefully things get better for them. Thanks for asking people to write, its one of the highlights of the day to get letters :] The dependency of whether I can stay in the country or not is dependent on the country, the reason on my visa for being in the country, and if my mission president is willing to release me or not, because it is normally the home stake president that does the releasing. But anyways, feel free to check, and we'll have fun if we can go; and if not, then it will be such a sweet homecoming :D I don't think there were problems with my visa, but they don't give them to us until 10 days before we leave. Anyways, gotta go! Love, Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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