Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 10 MTC

Hi Family!
Today was probably tied for best day of the week, right next to Sunday. We spent about 3 hours cleaning the Provo Temple, doing everything from tearing out the carpets outside the temple to dusting every corner on the inside. That being said, I don't know if I'll be able to finish my handwritten letters to you all today, but, taht means they will be extra long next week :] OH! And on Sunday we had a fireside byJenny Oaks Baker, the daughter of Elder Oaks. She is a fantastic violin player, who got her Master's from Juiliard. Her kids even came up and played for us, and they sound better than many people that have played longer than the kids have. Other than that, not much else is happening out of the ordinary. However, I have found that I must have been practicing the language a lot or something, because I have really bad English now! We've been practicing with the native 한국사람.(Koreans). We are getting our travel plans on Thursday evening, so I will let you all know this time next week what the schedule is! I also got a letter from my mission president that said they'll be picking me up from the airport in Pusan, and that I'll be spending a day or two in the mission home. I'm so excited to get out there and see the outside world, and to see how much all the hard work will pay off! On Sunday, President Shin read some letters in Sacrament meeting, and one of them was Sis. Kersey's. This work is true, I'm sure of it. Love you all, and hopefully I'll get your letter out either today or next week!
Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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