Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 11: Busan here I come!!

 Hi Family! Got my travel plans! I leave the MTC 5:00 AM on the 30th, and I fly out at 8:40, land in LAX at about 9:39. I leave LAX at about 1:00 PM, so that will probably be able to call then.  I am then leaving LAX at 1:05 PM to Tokyo/Narita, where we land at 4:30 PM on July 31st. We leave 東京 at 6.30 PM local time, and land directly in 부산 (Pusan) at about 8:45 where our mission president/assist. to the president will pick us up.  I am the only American from our zone going to Pusan right now, so I will be traveling with 5 other natives, and they are all really fun and responsible. I think it's because I kind of speak English that I am travel leader, which is kind of like being drum major, because I am responsible for making sure everyone gets fed (their money), and that they all stay together and are obedient, and all sorts of micellaneous stuffs.
     Thanks so much for the packages! :D I got 2 yesterday, 1 from Mom 1 from Dad. I put them in my luggage already, and I didn't open the things that said don't open till 8/7 yet. They are super helpful packages and I love them and you all a lot. Right now we are just wrapping up, trying to learn as much as we can, about studying, the gospel, 한국어, and so much other stuff. I've ran into a lot of people from my old BYU ward, Gil Osuna, Leland Finley, Becca Allen, and Elder Justin Ward. I also say Elder Delacruz, and will be looking for Elder Gomm tomorrow. As much as I can't wait to get out of the MTC, I'm going to miss it a little. There is a special spirit here, and so many friends made here, along with the great firesides and devotionals. So anyways, I will try and send another quick message with the last 3 minutes left later today, so love you all!
혼다 장로

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