Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 9 at the MTC

Hi Honda Family!
We got native Koreans last night! I haven't talked too much with them yet, but they seem really fun. This last week was really good, progressing still in the language, and teaching appointments are getting better and bettter every thime. A challenge from our branch president was to double our vocabulary before we leave, and what a challenge that is! We are all working hard here in District 28B, and we are all excited to get out there and start sharing the message of the Restored Gospel. On the 4th of July, we got to watch from afar the fireworks from LaVell Edwards Stadium, and they were beautiful! Not quite as spectacular as Disney, but they were pretty cool. with the 3 minutes that I have left, I am just so grateful to be here, learning this language and teaching skills, and to learn so many things about life. We are all learning of a new kind of love; a love for people we have yet to meet, for their happiness, and for the happiness and success of those that work along side us that we didnt even know 2 months ago. This place is, for lack of better words, magical. Miracles happen every day, whether they be a blessing that restores someones health, or for me personally, an unexplicable discourse in Korean, testifying that I know that this work is true, and that our message will bring so much happiness to the lives of those that accept it. I love you all, you are in my prayers, and hopefully you get my letter by Saturday! Talk to you later!
Love, Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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