Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hi  :) We had a bit of an emergency with one of the neighboring Elders (he's fine, just going to Army Training) so we had a sudden change of plans. I'm glad that your week went by fast and its ok about he letter :) We do get the Liahona which is all 3 magazines in one, so you don't have to worry about that.I think the picture was at mission ;headquarters in Busan \, but I'm not sure because I can't see it. So far the computers that I have used haven't  let me upload pictures except for the one in Miryang, but I wont be going there soon so when I get the chance i'll send more :) and it would be easier if you just put all the pictures you want to send in a zip file and sent it; to me in an email, because i need permission o go on the internet for anything other than email every time, so that way would just be easier. The Korean thanksgiving is on this next Monday and we are going to Busan as a mission, so we will probably be able to send a short email on Tuesday  It is called 추석 pronounced 'chew-suck' and its supposed to be delicious :)  As for my daily life, I get up and study every morning  1 hour by myself, 1 hour with my companion to practice teaching lessons, 1 hour to practice fundamentals of missionary work, and 1 hour to study the language. after we eat lunch we go to an appointment if we have it, if not we talk to people on the bus or streets to find people to teach, and visit member homes to help them get involved  Every week, we have a district meeting just Jinhae and Miryang, here we set goals, learn from Preach my Gospel together, and many other learning activities. On Thursday we serve at the Senior Welfare Center, helping to teach English and serving food and washing dished. Every Saturday at 6:30 am we play soccer with the young men for about 2 hours,and I've gotten a little better. we also try to organize a youth activity every other week; this last week we played basketball for a few hours after our own English class. On Thursday night we teach 2 young men a my gospel class; 1 got his call to Daejeon, and the other will send in his papers after he finishes military in about 1 year.l normally we email from church computer, but there's usually just 1, and right now I'm mailing from a bus station, so really its just wherever we can find a place that has internet. anyways I gotta go, if you want you can send this one to your blog, because I'm nearly out of time and i still need to write my letter to  president about this week's work. love ;you lots, be safe have fun remember to read the book of Mormon and pray always.
Love lots
 Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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