Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Hi again  :) So I again have just a few minutes but I guess I
should say a little bit about Chuseok ( Koreas Thanksgiving), even though there's not that
much different that we did. A member invited us over for lunch and it
was delicious but they ate earlier in the day so it was just my
companion and I eating. I dont know what anything was called, and i
guess neither did my companion, but it was good, a little meat, a good
soup, a lot of fruit, and some different types of dumplings, some like
gyoza others like chashyu. and i did find out about Mollys call :) its
I'll try to start doing better with handwritten letters, we really are
always short on time on P-days, for everything, including writing,
shopping, travelling, and cleaning. I may be able to borrow someone's
card reader here so i can download and send you some pictures in the
next few weeks :) The language is getting better bit by bit, but
everyone talkes so fast, its hard to understand. 
 We had stake conference last month, and yes, it was all in
korean, and i understood maybe 5 words for the entire 2 hours they
speak that fast. we'll watch conference the week after, they translate
it into a DVD and we watch in English, the Koreans in Korean. 
 Elder Robert D. Hales " there is
no failure except in giving up". Keep up the
great work!
Love, Elder Christopher Honda

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