Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In Week 5, Look, Pictures!

Hello! ^v^ So last week we went to 외도, or Way Island. The pictures in here aren't from there, but I can put them up next week! The work is still going well, busy, and still hard to speak, but there is a noticeable difference every day in how much I can say, so that is good. Right now we are getting ready for the storm, and it's brewing up well. We were fortunate to be selected for a service assignment at a welfare center, we serve food and clean up a cafeteria area for senior citizens on Thursdays every week now. School just started, and apparentdly many Korean students are in school from 8AM to 9PM, so it is very hard to meet with most of them, and they were our focus because it was easier to meet with them. My mind is blanking....ahhh, I don't know....Ah thats right, yesterday we had Stake Conference, and I couldn't understand a word of what was said. They speak fast and use reallllly big words, but it was good because we got to meet a lot of people, see some old missionaries from other areas, and one of the members from a neighboring area that I met is receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood! Other than taht, just looking for as many people that will listen to us (not very many right now) and tring to learn more about everything thats going on here. (Molly-Oil vial is still good, no leaks :] I would love the soundtrack, and I can listen to it ^v^ and I hope your mouth gets better soon, I pray for you, take pictures of Chipmunk cheeks please ^v^and thanks to the people that all send message, I really appreciate it ^v^ ) If I have time and I remember anything I will try and send another message, love you all, hooe all is well, keep praying, do the thing's youre supposed to , and love each other!
Love lots from
Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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