Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 2 Transfer 3

Hello! Before I say anything else, have you seen The Best 2 Years?
Yeah, here's like that, minus the best part. The area's partly in the
ghetto, and my companion reminds me very strongly of the trainer from
the best 2 years. Not in the good way either. Anyways, to be positive
:) The youth in this area are great; they study all day, every day,
even Saturday...and thats about all I know. We haven't done hardly any
work, which is why this letters quite a bit shorter than usual.
Anyways, the members here for the most part speak a decent amount of
english so they've been helpful for understaning, but i wish they
would just speak in Korean, a little slower, so I could learn that
better too. The area's not too bad, we try and stay away from the
sketchy areas, staying along the main road. The area looks a lot like
SF and NYC; downtown has tons of huge buildings, and there are hills
EVERYWHERE. Its a good workout :) The ward is small, about 30ish
members, even though it is the stake center. supposedly the
missionaries are in the aaronic priesthood presidency, so i should be
expecting that later. My old trainer Elder Lee Saac is my zone leader,
and my district leader is Elder Hoskins from Sandy, UT. It rained a
lot the other day, so we cleaned the apartment a little, because it
needed it...really bad. THe last elders in this area and house were my
companion and an elder that just finished and went home...which might
explain the state of the area, work, and house. I don't want to sound
like I'm complaining, it's just not the way the work is supposed to be
done. Anyways, i'll let you know next week how things get better, love
you all lots! Remember to read the Book of Mormon, pray fervently,
love one another, and hold strong.
Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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