Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transfer 3 Week 1

Wow, I can't believe this tranfer is over! It feels like at Disney,
where you blink and months have passed. Guess what? I transferred! I
already miss Jinhae, but Im sure I'll love my new area. I am in
Sujeong, in the heart of Busan. It's kind of...for lack of other
descriptions, ghetto, but only in comparison to Jinhae. Its not bad,
and I feel comfortable walking around here. Our house is older, but
bigger. Our area is huge, and I guess it takes all day just to visit
1-2 people. There are currently no investigators, but lots of work to
be done in the ward. My new companions name is Lee Hanur. He's from
Seoul and has about 4 transfers left. My old trainer Lee Sac is my
Zone Leader. Elder Hoskins is my District leader. We had a baptism
last week too! Her name is Baek Hahn Byeol, (translation in short:
Star). I got to baptize her, but she started crying for some reason or
got scared and couldn't relax, so it took 3 times and about 5 minutes
for her to be completely immersed. I love her family too, they were
supportive, and her father wants to be baptized even more now. When he
does, they will all be members. When they announced my transfer in
Sacrament, all the Sisters in the ward gasped, it was pretty funny,
kind of like finding out the age change rule in Conference. Today was
a sad day, because at transfer day the missionaries who leave talk for
the last time, and there were a few who I was kind of attatched to,
and next transfer day will be even worse. But, all who left are
excited to use what they learned on their mission, and all testified
of the Savior. And im starting to realize that that is what this work
is about. I feel like every day I learn more and more, but I also
realize that I know less and less. I wonder if i'll ever know enough,
but I'm sure it'll be fine: who the Lord calls, He qualifies. Love you
all, I'm excited to tell you about my area next week when I find out
more about it! Remember to love and serve each other, READ THE BOOK OF
MORMON!, help the missionaries as if they were your own children, and
keep the faith! 화이팅!
Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda

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