Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transfer 2, Week 1 (Week 7)

week of the transfer, we made guesses as to where everyone was going
to go. But, because I'm in training, nobody expected that I would be
transferring. But guess what?!?! I'm not :) My trainer 이삭 장로 (Lee
Saac) is! That's really unusual for a trainer to leave a trainee, but
they needed him to be a new zone leader in a zone they are reopening,
so today we went to Busan (부산) and I picked up my new companion 김인규 장로
(Ingyou Kim[Elder Kim]). He was training another Elder in an area
right next to mine, so I‘ve met him before, and he's super fun. I got
to see off a few Elders that I had met along the last transfer, and
all of the ones that are leaving are great, you can tell that they
worked hard and have become completely different people in many ways.
Oh, and I met Kersey 자매님 finally too. She's way cool, and we tried to
figure out where or if we've ever met before. So, because Elder Kim is
new in the area, that means I get to kind of be senior companion
unofficially for a week or so. Not in a bragging way at all, because
I'm going to have to learn a lot of Korean really fast. But anyways,
all is well here, just really busy, lots to do, lots to plan for, just
like real life! Anyways, I love you all, hope you have a good week,
and I will mail again next week! Remember to read the Book of Mormon
together, pray sincerely, and most importantly love each other!
EHi Family :) So we had a surprise this week! Because this was the last
lder Christopher Ichiro Honda
혼다 장로

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