Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 2 in 부산, from 밀양

Hi Honda family! 
Once again, I am away from my area for P-day, this time in Millyang because we are visiting the elders there. So much has happened this week! The bishop's daughters were baptized on Thursday, and lo and behold, they asked me to talk about baptism (literally 5 seconds before). Apparently even though I didn't speak fast or amazing sentences, everyone, including the children stopped to listen which was surprising because that was the first time they were attentive that night, and many said that they felt the Spirit. So at least that part of my Korean is well :] The language is still tough, sometimes I feel like from The Other Side of Heaven where he kept saying he was the Lord's outhouse, but I at least I know I'm not saying that. ;) I have been teaching an English class once a week on Saturdays, and soon on Wednesday's as well, and it is very tough to teach English; I've never noticed how hard it is to learn it. But anyways, it is very fun, and we meet many people through the class that we may be able to teach eventually. On Tuesday, we got a new investigator! His name it 천선규, or Chun Seon Gyu (spelling?). He took us to lunch, then we took him to the church and taught him the first lesson. He seems very excited to learn, even though he is active in another small congregation. We haven't been able to meet with him yet, but hopefully we'll be able to soon. Another investigator we have is 김익수 (Kim Iik Su). He is 17, and is almost ready to be baptized, but his parents are super against him being baptized, so all we can really do is hope and keep preparing him. On Thursday we had a zone meeting, so I got to see many other Elders and Sisters again, and met a few new ones too. My companion for the day was Elder Memmott, one of the Zone Leaders. He is super nice, very good at Korean, and feels almost like a brother for the short time that we were together. The meeting was in 마산 (Masan), for 4 hours, and we learned a lot about how to use English class to find and teach people the Gospel, some cool visual lessons, and a message from Gilbert 회장님. On Wednesday the exchange began, and while we were waithing to meet a man named 곽데수(English name: Carter), a woman walked up to us and said she wanted to study the Bible with us. What a surprise! So we explained about our church a little bit, then we met with Carter. We wandered around town a bit, then he took us out for 팥빙수 which is like Korean shaved ice with the an beans on top. Then we got to give him a blessing, and I got to do the anointing in Korean! On Friday, we went to a farm to help out 김귀수 and her family a little bit. She is very old and hard of hearing, but it was very fun to help. We just carried bundles of....something green....I have no idea what it is, but we carried probably 2 dozen bundles from the farm to her home. Her family is less active, but they came to church yesterday! We also taught a Preach My Gospel class to a young man hoping to go on a mission in a year or so, hopefully more will come too. For dinner that night we had 떡고기 which was fire red and hot, but was really good. In it was 만두, like gyoza, 오뎅 which is like kamaboko, and 떡 which is a little like salty mochi and really good, and a family size Baskin Robbins to celebrate a late birthday. Yesterday was really slow, but we got a lot planned for the week to come. How is everything at home? I hope you all aren't working too hard, and that the end of summer is wrapping up well. Work hard in school Alex! The package hasn't come in yet, but I will let you know when it does. I gotta go, my 동반자's turn to email. I love you all, work hard, remember to say your prayers, read the Book of Mormon, and love each other! Love you all, miss you all, and can't wait to hear from you next week!
Love, Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda
혼다 장로

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