Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 12-Transfer 2 Week 6

Hello! ^v^ I got a haircut by the way today, I'll have to take a picture because I'm never voluntarily getting my hair cut this way ever again...This last week was really busy, but great. For our P-day we went to Jinju, where they had an Obon-style festival going on. got some great pictures that I'll send in the mail soon; Jinju Castle is famous for a battle against the Japanese in the 1800's, and the Korean's won. And yes, many Koreans don't like Japanese still. Good thing I look American ;) We've ran into so many crazy people here, in the way of religion. 2 times now we've spent an hour listening to people scream at us about how we don't understand religion (including our own), and basically told us to stop wasting other peoples time. What's funny is, after we ask them a few short questions, such as why they think we're teaching the Gospel, they get really...quiet. There's just a lack of love when it's their turn to 'preach', and the evidence of our power and authority is made clear as we share our message with the love that theirs lacked; even for me, who speaks so little Korean. We had another training meeting; and the younger missionaries were there too, and I'm surprised at how much I could understand. Ah, when I get back before I go to school, I have to make something for you all called 'pot bing su'. Its like Hawaiian shave ice, but better. Shaved ice, sweet milk, azuki, fresh fruit, sometimes corn flakes, ice cream ,and vanilla syrup. And 'choco bing su', which is the above minus  azuki and fruit plus chocolate cereal and cocolate ice cream. Its really super good. Our 4 14-year old investigators are really hard to meet with now, so we can't teach nearly as often anymore. but I may be transferring next Monday, so you'll know next Monday if I've moved or not! But I am definitely either going next week or next transfer, just because that's what President Gilbert does. General Conference was great; Elder Bednar's words were a lot like the Character of Christ talk he gave last Christmas in the MTC that we watched; and I encourage to read Elder Christofferson's talk from Priesthood, and focus on the word 'equal', as all people should be. It was a really great conference, and I can promise you as an apostolic (with a small 'm') witness of the Savior, that if you follow the counsel given in Conference, the promised blessings will follow. As far as general questions I remember; yes, I've lost a lot of weitht. That picture of me and my old companion and Pres. and Sister Gilbert; the tie is a little short, but my spare tire was poking out a bit...but Ive lots about 20ish pounds; last weight was 179. Thank you kimchee~you thought the cabbage salad blew through me...Anyways, at conference I ran into a girl who teaches English in Masan which is about 30 minutes away. Guess where I know her from? Yeah, Disney. We both worked at the same time, but she did merchandise at many resorts; her name is Cybil Tanner, who also is really good friends with Justin and Jason Ward my old roommates. So Molly, you may have met her at church, once. We have some of the best missionaries ever here; they're really nice, compliment my Korean, and are always encouraging. One of our members got his gallbladder removed last week so we went to see him at the hospital. I love being a missionary. But I have never been this kind of tired; I don't think it's possible to be this tired and still function under normal circumstances. I love Korea, but honestly, once I'm done serving the people here, I don't want stay. There's too much here that pulls away from what we teach, in so many different ways, and I don't think I could keep the momentum going without the authority and purpose that I have gained from this calling. It is a lovely place, with much to see and offer, but...it's spiritually tiring, just as the 3 Nephite disciples mourned over the sins of their people, I do too... I have come to love these people, but there's only so much that I can do, before I, like those disciples, just can't stay anymore, and that time of protection and strength and power is very short, less that 2 years in fact. Anyways, I love you all, and please, hold on to the rod for you life, limit your contact with the world, or in the words of President Monson- "Dare to be a Mormon, dare to stand alone"
Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda
혼다 장로

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