Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transfer 4 Week 4 a.k.a. Christmas

Hello! Well...there's not much to say, and also...I'll be talking to you all in less than 24 hours soo...yeah. This week was great, we met in Geumjeong as a whole mission to celebrate, but it was a lot of work because we had a presentation to make, and we also sang a Christmas Card for you all, check it out! It was good to see everyone, lots of great friends here, some of the best ever. We have a ward Christmas party...I'm Santa...Ho Ho Ho... We may have a few investigators come...finally! Things are looking better here in Sujeong. It's really cold, -7 today. And really windy, but we wear lots of warm clothes. so its ok. Tomorrow after the call we're going to the mission home for an open house, its our P-day. Koreans don't really celebrate Christmas, I think the biggest thing they do is not go to school. But its ok, we're having fun. Other than that...not much happened. So yeah. That's really all that happened. Love you lots, Merry Christmas!
Love, Elder Honda

We had a most awesome time talking with Elder Honda. We had 3 conversations going on at different times as we were all in different places at different times. But we have been uplifted to hear his voice and know how happy he is! The Mission made a video Christmas Card that I will attempt to attach on here.

http://youtu.be/a_oUgYABMjQ is the link for the video Christmas card.

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