Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 6

Guess what?!? Its the last week of the transfer!!! :D ARggggg! I'll probably be staying in Jinhae to finish training plus 1 more transfer, so I'll proably be here till end of November. THe last transfer has gone so fast, I can't believe ive been in Korea for 1.5 months! The typhoons weren't bad, actually kind of a joke, but I hear it may have been different in other parts of Korea. My companion and I were able to be part of the bishop's daughter's confirmation yesterday, it was great! And during the same meeting, a little 2-3(?) year old girl came up to me and started putting Mickey Mouse stickers on my hand, she's super cute! Today, we went to a cave in 밀양 where there is ice in caves and under rocks, and the air blows through the rocks and makes a really comfortable breeze! This Saturday, we're planning on going on a hike up a mountain range with the Young Men, and we will take an investigator with us, so hopefully I can send more pictures next week. The language is getting a little better every day, even if it's just 2-3 words, it's progress, and I feel more comfortable being in such a different place. And, as you can tell, 아시다시피) my English is getting worse, which is a good sign! We've been working a lot with members and the ward council to find people and get the ward invovled with helping investigators and less active and recent converts make friends and stay involved, and for planning many activities for the next month or so.  We got a service project at a Senior Welfare Center on the other side of Jinhae, serving food and teaching English. It's great, and we're waiting to see how it can help our work too. The English class has become a big part of our Wed and Sat nights. The people who come come prepared, and enjoy learning, and make it very fun to teach. And, as evident by the length of this letter, we've successfully had 6 P-Days in a row as a district/zone, which makes it a lot harder to write emails and letters, but know that I love you all! Its really hard out here, especilally with just feeling like I'm contributing, but I've seen the growth, as have others and they have said. Anyways, I'll write again about this time next week! Remember to say your prayers, read the Book of Mormon, and do the things you should! My prayers for you all!
Elder Christopher Ichiro Honda
혼다 장로

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