Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 4-Sorry it's short and late!

Im really sorry this is late and short; we had zone P-day on Monday, and by the time we had finished there was no time to e-mail, but pres. Gilbert was nice enough to let you all know that I'm safe. I'm really sad to hear about Yaya's passing, I will pray for family. It's really rainy here today, worse than Florida was. We've already set time aside next week for more writing letter time; up to 1 hour for email, and maybe 2 for handwritten. It's hard to write long letters because we only have about 8 hours to go shopping, clean, write, and travel to the church so we can email, among all the other activities. Oh and there should be a letter in the mailbox in about 1-3 days for you :) Gotta go, love you all, behave, work hard, and say your prayers!
Elder Honda

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