Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 2 Transfer 4

Hello! This last week was great! We spent a lot of time out on the
streets, and knocked on doors for almost 2 hours last night. It might
not seem much, but it's the most I've done in a long time. Work
otherwise is still really slow, but we're trying hard. It snowed on
Friday, just a little bit, but it was still cool. I'ts cold, and
really windy. The high for today is 4 deg, and a low of -4. We're
planning on going to Costco today. On Saturday, (almost) all the
missionaries in the Busan Zones went to Gwangali Beach to pick up
trash, and it was beautiful, and there wasnt' much trash to pick up,
except for cigarettes. Then we taught 2 English classes, 1 for young
kids, and one for our single adults conversation class. We've been
working really hard in our 'spare' time to clean our apartment, and
its really getting there, I'm sure we're cleaning things that haven't
been touched since the apartment was built. Other than that we've just
been tracting around our area, trying to learn it, and see where
everything is. I love my companion Yoon Bo Sub. He's from Seoul,
speaks really good English, but we speak almost always in 한국말. The
language is getting better, still hard, but I learn well. He's funny,
and we joke a lot, and tell good stories. Other than that, we aren't
up to much else, just working hard. Sorry there's not much else to
report. Oh on Wednesday night we went caroling in Nampo-dong, but we
had to stop because of a freak thunderstorm, so we may do it again
this week. Other than that, there really isn't anything else. Love you
all, work hard, be faithful, and think of someone else at this special
time of year. You'll always be with you, but other people won't. Have
a great week!
Elder Honda

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