Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transfer 4 Week 3


Hello! ^v^ Life in the mission is going well. Not a lot of super

eventful stuff happened this week, but the weather changed a lot. The
beginning of the week was freezing, then it got warmer all the way
through till yesterday, and it was beautiful. Its usually between 5-10
deg. C, so high 50's-low 60's. So, the memorable highlight of the week
was on Friday. It was raining, really hard, but not as bad as typhoon
season. It was coming in sidewards. We were walking back from Daeshin,
which was the first branch organized in Korea, and we were waiting to
cross the street. Keep in mind, it was raining really hard, so the
sides of the street were flooded almost above the curbs. I heard a bus
coming, so I looked to see which one it was, and...I saw a wave taller
than me coming from under the wheels of the bus, and...I had my first
surfing experience. I think I got wetter than when I shower in the
mornings. We went to Costco on monday, got some good stuff like
oatmeal and chicken. Still no luck finding people to teach, and we
spend hours every day looking for them. But its ok, because my
companion and I are working really hard together, and we're trying the
best we can. This week we're meeting as a full mission on Thursday for
a special Christmas devotional. Its going to be cool. Speaking of
Christmas, I got the packages in the mail I think on Tuesday or
Wednesday, thanks so much! We're waithing till chrismas. So when you
call next week, I still don't know how you want to divide up the time,
but I only have 1 hour total for everybody, so please have that in
mind while you're calling. I'll check up next week on Monday by email
to make sure there's a plan, and make sure it'll work out. Here's how
to call: Dial the calling card number, and do what it tells you to do.
Then dial 01(international code)+82(country code)+10(cell phone
access)+Again, that's the calling card instructions, then
01+82+10+I cannot and will not pick up unless its Christmas
Day my time, Christmas Eve afternoon your time, sorry, President said
so. The best time to call is between 3PM-5PM On December 24th. We
don't have much of a P-day today because we're meeting as a Zone to
prepare for the devotional, we're making a presentation of the book
"The Giving Tree", then singing The Prayer (yes, like Andrea Bocelli
and Josh Groban do :)), and we need to prepare a lot for it. Other
than that, not much news to report. But...I love you all. Have a great
week, study hard, work hard, play hard, and love. Study the Book of
Mormon. "The crowning characteristic of love is always_________" Elder
Jeffrey R. Holland.
Love, Elder Honda
혼다 장로

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