Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transfer 2, Week 2 (week 8)

Hello :)
So today was another typhoon! And it actually felt like one too. It was over by 1:00PM, but not much damage in our area. The work is slowing a little bit, but our weekly activities are still progressing well, such as our 봉사활동 service assignment at the Senior Welfare Center. We meet a lot of really nice people there, and we get to put out the image of the Church to several hundred people every week :) So on Thursday, we got really lucky while visiting our members. We were planning on just visiting our Young Men's President, but they instead invited us over for dinner! Then we were supposed to meet at the Bishop's home just to introduce my new companion, and they ended up inviting us over for dinner too! :D I don't know what anything they fed us is called, but it was all delicious, and both were very unexpected appointments. The next day we had our weekly district meeting, and I got to see one of the Elders from my younger 동이, or MTC class. His name is Elder Dumbrell from Australia, and he is being trained by Elder Chandler who is our new District Leader. It was a great meeting, and I learned something really important there. True doctrine and principles will always be true, but the application will differ over time, circumstance, and situation. One example is the white handbook to which we must be 100% obedient to. We don't use it after our missions in that respect because that is how missionaries know, understand, and apply those true principles, thereby laying claim to the associated blessings. So that's something I'd like to challenge you all to do; learn true principles and learn how to apply them prayerfully, and look beyond your own understanding and wants, and the blessings will come. After our district meeting we went to a place called Han's Deli, which was super delicious, then a place called Can.More, and had a dessert called Choco Bing Su, which is basically shaved ice with chocolate cereals and syrup, milk, ice cream, and bananas :D so in other words, kind of like heaven. To close, our Bishopric is planning an activity in about 7 weeks, and is geared towards missionary work, so as I find more out I'l pass along the details, but its supposed to be great! Love you all, pray always, love one another, read the Book of Mormon, and in the words of Mickey Mouse "See ya real soon!"

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