Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 4 Transfer 3

The tranfer's half over, its going fast, just not fast enough. This
week, we didn't do much...again. The best part of the week was
Thursday; we all went to mission headquarters for Zone Conference,
just over 1/2 of our mission was there. We discussed Elder Holland's
and Elder Bednar's talks. All I can say is re-read the talks and look
for the principles. They're true. On Saturday we had a Stake Musical
competition between the ward/branch choirs. the Sujeong ward placed
3rd! So we get new hymnbooks soon! Our song was called 만남, Mannam
(trans. Meeting). One of the judges was a sister from Jinhae, and she
was surprised to see me there, but we talked and it was good to see
her. She is kind of a regional opera star, I think she went to Austria
for a few years to study opera, and she sings amazingly. She did a
demo for everyone before the end of the competition; Carmen, you know,
that music from 'UP', when Mr. Fredricksen is riding down the stairs
in the automated chair; and I think she did it better than that. There
was also a high school senior that attends a high school for talented
students of all sorts; she sang 2 pieces in Italian, and if i hadn't
been watching, I wouldn't know she was Korean, because her
pronunciation was perfect. Other than that...our high school seniors
had their equivalent of the high school exit exam, except theirs is
hard; and all in one 4-hour sitting. So we made
chocolate...somethings, and sweet potato....somethings. Just rubber
ball-sized snacks. THe sweet potato thing was actually pretty good, i
just don't konw what it is with Korea and sweet potatos, they love
them almost as much as kimchi. In other
news, I bought 2 suits for about the price of 1 American suit on
Friday, they're super 모시 (stylish), and I'll have to take then send
pictures soon. This way I'll be able to rotate suits, and they'll all
last for a long time. So...there wasn't anything else that happened
this week. Hope all is well in Rescue, San Jose, Maui, and everywhere
else this will be read. Love you all lots! Remeber to prya, read the
Book of Mormon, and don't quit. I hate quitting, and I strongly
dislike when people quit. Remeber- It came to pass, not to stay.
Elder Honda

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