Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transfer 3 Week 5

Hey! So this week was a little bit better. Monday we had a change of
plans: we were supposed to go to a different area for a Thanksgiving
dinner because the senior missionary couple is from America, but I
guess they had too many people, so another team apparently asked us
not to come...bummer. So instead we stayed at the church and played a
game called Monopoly Deal with our ward clerk. Tuesday, we didn't do
much. On Wednesday, we had our District Meeting and our AP's(
Assistants to the President) also attended the meeting. I taught well
and I was taught well by the rest of the Elders there. Afterwards we
stopped by a hair place for my companion so he could get a treatment
to stop his hair from falling out so much, and the lady that worked
there was really nice. It took a long time though, so we didn't do
much the rest of the day. On Thursday we taught one of our members
Preach My Gospel, because he is planning on serving a mission
relatively soon. Friday-We went back to the hair shop because I guess
the treatment is needed a few times. The lady that worked there bought
us lunch, and said she'd like to learn English from us. Here's the
crazy part: while we were eating, a guy opened the door (an
auto-sliding glass door), and immediately apologized-in English (he
was Korean). So we went back to eating, he says something in Korean,
and then he smashed the door with a crescent wrench (the size that
you'd use to loosen the bolts on the Golden Gate bridge, or beat
someone with). The door was toast. Apparently he was the door guy and
there was a mixup on ordering and payment between him and the hair
lady, and he had been threatening her and her family for a few months,
even though they had been to court and she won. So the police came and
they both went to the station after she finished my companions hair. I
guess it would have been worse for her if we weren't there, so I guess
it's a good thing we went; we were thinking of rescheduling. Don't be
too worried, I had about 4 inches on him (at least). After that, we
went home and baked some cakes for some of our members. Saturday- one
of our members took us out to lunch, kind of an indoor barbeque place
where they stick the hot pot of coals inside a table and lay a grill
on top of it. We helped clean up after a meeting at the church, and
tried to visit some of our members. Yesterday we had a meeting with
our new Ward Mission Leader, and he gave us some things to try to find
people to teach. We visited our Bishop's family too, then went home
and started cleaning a bit. We have an exchange this next week, our
district leader Elder Hoskins is going to work with my companion and
I'm going to Gwangan 광안 with Elder Park Ho Hyoung 박호형 who left the MTC
the same time as I did. This next week is also the last week before
transfer calls come, so a week from this Thursday one of us will
(hopefully) get a call to transfer. We both think it will be my
companion because he only has 4 transfers after this one, and they may
want to make is even for him (2 transfers in each area). Other than
that, just trying to keep plugging along. The language is getting much
better, I can talk with people on the streets and with most of our
members, but older people are still hard to understand because they
use older language sometimes and often also 사트리 saturi, or dialect,
kind of like how there's English, then there's Southern English which
has words of its own. But all will be well. Love you all, hope all is
well at home, remember to study the Book of Mormon, love each other,
and learn true principles and doctrine. Talk to you next week!
Elder Christopher Honda

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