Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Re: Christmas is coming

Hi Mom :) I don't know what else to tell you about the glasses:
they're glasses. They're plastic-like frames, solid black. They are
more for long distance but sometimes I'm fine without them. I had
headaches, but it wasn't from vision, and I don't know what the
prescription is. Thanks for the packages in advance, they haven't come
yet. I'm in the same place i was last transfer, in Sujeong, which was
the 2nd branch then ward in the Busan area, one of the first in the
country. We're by the ports, our city is called Busanjin, which means
Busan Port. Our house is right by the mountainside, but its realy just
a big hill. Christmas isnt a big deal here at all. I don't even think
some people know what it is. So, for Christmas, it's easier for you
all to call me. don't worry about the number not showing up, we know
what calls to answer or not, lots of practice. so it would work better
if Dad called here after your time. If you want, I can make the plan,
but it's still easier if you two call, because its hard to find a
calling card in this area. on christmas day, i can almost guarantee we
won't have an appointment, nobody here cares about christmas, its a
western holiday. so instead its our P-day, and we'll do our shopping
for the week then. The fast food places are all the same as in
america, but i don't think they take american gift cards, so visa
would be better way. I didn't get to help make kimchi, but they told
me about it, and it sounded like a blast, and stinky. Spiritual
thought for the week: be an example. I tell this to members all the
time. If you aren't constantly every moment striving to be perfect,
you cannot expect anyone else at all to do the same. They told us in
the MTC and in the field that you can't lift people to where you
haven't been. So if you haven't strived to keep all the commandments,
you can't tell anyone to either, regardless of who you are. Its not
easy, but it wasnt meant to be. For us missionaries, we can't teach
each other about love if we haven't been concisously trying to be more
loving. Our tranfer theme is the Character of Christ, which at it's
principle base is about turning outwards. We have a challenge to wake
up at 6 every day, and pray only grateful prayer, and keep that in our
hearts. I challenge you to do something similar. Until Christmas, in
the morning only pray with graditude, and make a concious effort to
ask from God and others less for what you want or need, and instead
focus on what you know other people want and need. It's the perfect
season to do so, and we have a Perfect reminder, who has engraven
every person ever to live on this earth in His hands. Our lives
were'nt meant to be lived for us, for those that seek to save their
lives shall lose it, and those who lose their lives for
others--(Mosiah 2:17) which is in turn for the Lord-- shall find it,
and in it shall find a happiness they didn't know before. Love you
lots, hope to hear from you next week! . Anyways,
love you lots! Have a grteat week!
Love elder Honda

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